—Andrew Gao, Co-founder

Hey y'all! I'm a senior currently attending Mission San Jose HS in Fremont, CA. I co-founded Project Greenify in hopes of blitzscaling environmental change. Time and time again, history has shown that societal change fundamentally starts from the bottom-up, fueled by the will of the people. In partaking in these simple, albeit meaningful environmental projects, we hope to inspire those in our community and serve as a spark for change from the bottommost foundations of our society. Join us on our quest to greenify!

Hey guys! I’m currently a senior at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California. Through my experiences as an avid environmentalist at Tule Ponds, I have come to understand the many issues we face in our world and the various ways we are continuing to worsen it. Our arts and crafts projects, though seemingly inconsequential, slowly mitigate the current issues we face in our world. I aim to inspire a new generation of environmentalists that are willing to take the extra step to save our planet.

—Ishant Goel, Co-founder



Erin Yang,

Hi! I’m a senior at Mission San Jose High School. I’ve always been passionate about conservation and the environment, and also really enjoy art. I’ve found Project Greenify a great way to explore both interests, and it’s super cool that they can go hand in hand in so many different ways.

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Arhana Mandalam, 

Hi! I am a junior at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward. I have always had an interest in learning about the environment and ways that we can preserve our planet. I joined Project Greenify in hopes of becoming part of that movement in making the world a better place to live!


Calvin Wu, 


Hello! I'm currently a senior attending Mission San Jose High School. Moving to California from Hong Kong, I realized truly how polluted and congested Hong Kong was. Since then, environmentalism has been an issue I care deeply about and work diligently to impact. Joining Project Greenify allowed me the ability to make that impact. 


Katelyn Huffman,
Director of Projects

Hello! I am a junior at Mission San Jose High School. I feel that out surrounding environment shapes us and our communities. As a member of a community myself, I felt compelled to involve myself in the fight against the climate crisis. I joined Project Greenify to introduce creative ideas to our team in hope to make an impactful difference one step at a time.